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Sawchuk & Langenstein Wealth Strategies is dedicated to helping their clients plan for, and achieve, a financially successful retirement. Founded in 1997, the firm now serves more than 500 clients and manages more than a quarter of a billion dollars in assets.
Terry Sawchuk is Founder and Chairman of Sawchuk & Langenstein Wealth Strategies. He is also the creator and host of “Wealth Strategies” which aired Sundays on WJR RADIO (760 AM) for more than 7 years. Mr. Sawchuk founded the Troy-based financial advisory firm in 1997, after having been in the investment business working for other firms since 1990. With over 23 years of experience in helping investors accumulate and protect wealth, Mr. Sawchuk brings a rare and valuable combination of education, experience and a network of professional contacts in nearly every area of finance. The core of his approach is a dedication to ongoing independent research, and a commitment to technological advances that can be harnessed to help his firm’s clients achieve the retirement they deserve.
William (Bill) Langenstein is CEO of Sawchuk & Langenstein Wealth Strategies and co-host of WJR Radio’s “Wealth Strategies.” Prior to running Sawchuk & Langenstein, Bill accumulated 16 years of financial experience in the automotive supply business having served as accountant and controller for Cooper Power Tools. Bill earned his B.S. in Accounting at Oakland University and his MBA in international business from Wayne State University, and has been CEO of Sawchuk & Langenstein since 2001. Bill has a unique perspective on working with clients, as he was one of Sawchuk & Langenstein’s very first clients and has worked professionally with Terry since 1991. Bill’s experience as both a client and an advisor gives him valuable insights as to the needs and concerns of people who are planning for retirement, and more importantly, the skill set to deliver solutions in plain language that doesn’t require a masters degree in finance to understand.

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Board Meeting

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Scott Zuchlewski
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Enjoyed shooting 2 commercials with my childhood friend, Terry Sawchuk yesterday....



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Have you considered long-term care insurance? Perhaps you've looked at it but decided it was too expensive? It's a common approach for insurance sales people to recommend the most expensive coverage, when more reasonable and practical options are available. The risk of needing skilled or custodial c...

Terry Sawchuk
June 5, 2013 at 9:03 am
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You probably reached this page by entering the guid of a syndicated error message into the location bar of your browser. This probably means that you can't see the feed that you were trying to access. This is probably because the owner of the feed changed his or her privacy settings or deleted cont…

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June 3, 2013 at 5:36 am
Terry Sawchuk
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Ever had that sinking feeling like someone or something is watching you...

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