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You’re a hard-charging executive who recognizes value in other professionals. Delegating your wealth management means more time to pursue the things that matter to you.


You’ve worked hard, and now it’s time to take it easy. For those entering the best years of their lives, we work to protect your wealth and ensure a work-optional lifestyle.

built to pursue and protect

Our mission is to put clients’ interests ahead of anything else, no matter the circumstances.

Sawchuk Wealth was founded in 1997 to serve wealthy individuals and families. For almost 25 years we’ve worked with families like yours to protect wealth, plan for the future, invest wisely, and pass wealth to the next generation. We’re invested right beside you, and every recommendation we make, we’ve made for our own family. This culture of service drives everything we do, from legacy planning to risk management, from investments to cash flows and everything in between – we cover our clients’ entire financial lives so they are free to focus on what is important to them.

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