Video: A Bitcoin Primer

Jun 9, 2021 | Blog, Cryptocurrency, Video

Here at Sawchuk Wealth, we frequently get numerous questions from clients and friends about the world of Bitcoin and the role it may be able to play in their portfolios. To help investors better understand Bitcoin, Terry Sawchuk, founder and chairman of Sawchuk Wealth, uses his latest video to explain the cryptocurrency phenomenon and why he believes these digital assets are here for the long haul.

Specifically, Sawchuk explains:

  • The beginning of Bitcoin and why it was created
  • How Bitcoin could ultimately become a store of value
  • The potential benefits of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Recent news involving the mass adoption of Bitcoin
  • Government’s potential impacts on cryptocurrencies
  • A brief overview of Ethereum and its headline-grabbing blockchain

Throughout the video, Sawchuk emphasizes that while he believes that Bitcoin is here to stay, investors are only experiencing the fourth pitch in the first inning when it comes to cryptocurrencies. There is still a vast number of regulatory hurdles that need to be cleared, but when the time is right and the opportunities make sense, Sawchuk Wealth will be here to let investors know.

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