Video: May 2021 Economic Update

May 25, 2021 | Blog, Blogs, Investments, Market Commentary, Video

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The stock market’s strong performance so far this year has some investors wondering if the bull market’s run may soon be over. Terry Sawchuk, founder and chairman of Sawchuk Wealth, uses his latest economic update to explain why he believes this is not the case.

Specifically, Sawchuk discusses:

  • The current strength of the bull market
  • The number of companies that beat first quarter earnings expectations
  • The interconnectedness between interest rates and stock market performance
  • The potential for intermittent volatility and how the Fed will play a stabilizing role
  • Two strategies utilized by Sawchuk Wealth that help offset volatility
  • The dangerous path the Fed balance sheet is heading towards

Overall, Sawchuk explains why he currently maintains a bullish stance on the markets and believes that they will push even higher than their current levels. However, if market conditions begin to change, Sawchuk Wealth will be here to protect your portfolio and ensure it is positioned to achieve your financial goals.

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