Our Clients

At Sawchuk Wealth, our ideal client is financially successful, typically a good saver who is committed to the long-term.   In a world with 24/7 headline news, internet at the tip of our fingers and social media on our phones, it’s easy to get swept away with emotions.  Our clients, while they have access to all of this, maintain a level head and understand that our process is designed to pre-empt the headline barrage and keep them firmly on track. 

A Sawchuk Wealth client aspires to a work-optional lifestyle, is a financial delegator and values quality financial advice.  Often times, their values align with ours, family is their highest priority, they will have children and likely grandchildren.  Money is important, but its not as high on the list as you might think, they live a healthy lifestyle because they realize that in order to help other people, they need to take care of themselves.  In their free time they travel, spend time with friends and family, and generally are very active.  A common characteristic among our clients is a generally positive outlook towards the future and, without exception, treat our staff like family.  A Sawchuk Wealth client typically has a net worth between one and ten million dollars. 


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