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Our Thinking

When we think about financial planning, the first thing that comes to mind is not investment returns, the right amount of insurance, products or anything of the sort. Instead, we think about people, we think about
goals, we think about the things people “do” with money. Planning is also about the “possibilities” – what could we do? Planning is about living life on purpose, building the life you want, the life you dream about. It doesn’t matter how old you are; you could be a millennial with your whole life ahead of you or you could be 80; either way, planning is still vitally important.

We also think about the role of a financial advisor and what kind of relationship we want to have with our clients. What do our clients want and need from us? We know what they don’t want – they don’t want to be sold anything and they don’t want to second-guess whether what is being recommended is really in their best interest. We believe what they want is a most trusted advisor, one who is a valuable resource and serves as more than just a facilitator of product sales.

Over the course of life, many financial decisions must be made; some might seem small at the time, others are clearly significant with possible life altering ramifications.

Every financial decision is an opportunity for a trusted advisor to play an important role in the lives of
their clients. Perhaps a new car is on the horizon, so should the car be leased or purchased? If purchased, should it be financed or paid for in full? Maybe a friend or relative comes to you in need and asks to borrow money. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted advisor that can provide sound guidance and help you make the right choice, perhaps even act as a gatekeeper to help protect you from making decisions you may regret down the road? When we think of the role an advisor plays, frankly, we see the world a little differently than most.

Our view is really pretty simple. We help our clients achieve their most important financial goals, based on their most deeply held values, for the reasons that are important to them.

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