Protecting Michigan Families with Tudor Dixon

Jun 15, 2022 | Blog, Daily Financial, In the News, Podcast, Video

All the views discussed in this podcast are strictly Terry Sawchuk’s opinion. 

In this episode of The Lion’s Den , host Terry Sawchuk, founder and chairman of Sawchuk Wealth, interviews Tudor Dixon, the businesswoman, breast-cancer survivor and working mom of four girls who is a current gubernatorial candidate of Michigan, for a rare inside look at her high-profile political campaign.

Some of the topics Sawchuk and Dixon discuss during this conversation include:

  • What made her decide to run for the governor of Michigan despite an already busy life
  • How to better protect children considering the heightened number of school shootings
  • Why Michigan’s economy is not what it used to be and how to make it thrive again
  • What Dixon would have done if she was governor during the height of the pandemic
  • How to find common ground with those on the other side of the spectrum to create a family-friendly state
  • The policies that may have caused children to become depressed in recent years
  • Dixon’s number one driver for when things get rough during the campaign

If you would like to learn more about Tudor Dixon and her campaign, visit her website at or follow @TudorDixon on Twitter.

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