Amy Sawchuk

Creative Director
Talent Acquisition & Development
Executive Team

Amy Sawchuk is the Creative Director and Head of Talent Acquisition and Development at Sawchuk Wealth. After working years behind-the-scenes, Amy now works around the clock to improve systems, process and the client experience. She is responsible for all the hiring and development of the Sawchuk team, creating the best team the firm has had in its 24 years in the business. Amy also has redesigned the firm from the ground up and has had a hand in every last detail over the last several years.

Prior to Sawchuk Wealth, Amy had a career in sales and marketing where she worked with schools and other groups to raise capital. She then retired some years ago to focus on family before becoming an essential part of the firm.

In her spare time, Amy loves spending time with her family and friends, throwing parties, yoga, health and fitness, trying new recipes and watching anything on Bravo.