Dennis Pozios

Relationship Associate

Dennis is a Relationship Associate at Sawchuk Wealth. In this role, Dennis manages our service department with a focus on providing our clients a comprehensive, highly personalized experience. When assets are transferred, he works directly with both the client and the carrier to ensure a smooth, efficient, and seamless experience, communicating every step of the way.

Dennis holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance with a minor in Financial Planning & Wealth Management from Michigan State University.

Prior to joining Sawchuk Wealth, Dennis worked for many years at his father’s restaurant, Southside Grill, learning the business by working each position in the restaurant. Of all the many insights he gained during those years, he believes the most enduring is the true value of hard work. More recently, Dennis also served as a Strategic Support Associate at Jackson National Life.

In his spare time, Dennis can be found fishing or deer hunting at his family’s cabin up north. He enjoys reading anything investment-related or about personal development. His two favorite books are: Ray Dalio’s Principles and Matthew McConaughey’s Green Lights. He regularly takes part in community events at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church and especially enjoys participating in their men’s basketball league.

Dennis’s claim to fame is when he attended an event at the house of Michigan State’s basketball coach, Tom Izzo, and participated in free throw competition against 50 other people, including Coach Izzo. Although he didn’t win, he took third place, with the coach earning first place.