Taylor Burtch

Private Wealth Management Coordinator

Taylor Burtch is a Private Wealth Management Coordinator at Sawchuk Wealth.  In this role, Taylor focuses on a small group of clients to offer a more personalized experience.

Prior to joining Sawchuk Wealth, Taylor was a legal analyst and the executive assistant to the Chief Information Officer where she proofread law documents and ran their compliance department. Before that, she worked as assistant to the magistrate for the 15th District Court.

Taylor earned her B.S. in Law and Economics from Central Michigan University.

Always up for an adventure, Taylor traveled to Holland for a year, as an exchange student, learning Dutch. Everyone knows Taylor for her big smile, eagerness to help and radiating positive energy wherever she goes. In her spare time, she loves to cook Italian food (chicken parmesan is her specialty), boating, meeting friends for coffee and winding down with a good suspense show in the evening.