Terry Sawchuk Joins AVL to Discuss Student Loan Forgiveness

Aug 29, 2022 | America's Voice Live, Blog, Blogs, In the News

Democrats are applauding the president’s plan to offer this debt forgiveness to student borrowers, here are Terry’s thoughts when he heard about this last week: “One, it’s helping disproportionately people that make more money and have higher potential for lifetime incomes. Secondly, I’d say that it increases the likelihood of continued moral hazard, which is this idea that people can make bad decisions.”

Terry is not saying going to college is a bad decision. What he means is there are a lot of kids that just go for the experience, then switch schools, and don’t finish. Then, take on debt because they weren’t incredibly serious about it in the first place. Now they’re off the hook for this, $10,000, maybe $20,000, so it’s just alleviating people from bad decisions and encouraging them to take on debt. And oh, by the way, they just spent $6 to $7 trillion to get out of the COVID response, which is what’s created all the inflation now.

Sawchuk concludes by saying “So, in my estimation, this is only going to make that problem worse. And, you know, I’m not an economist, so I don’t know these things, but isn’t it true? In the end, I just think this is classic Biden-economics, Biden-governing, which is ‘don’t do anything until you have to and do whatever you can to stay in power.’” Not anything to help your people.

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