Terry Sawchuk on The Steve Gruber Show: Did We Hit Bottom?

Aug 26, 2022 | Blog, Blogs, In the News, The Steve Gruber Show

They are giving away $980 billion in student loans, forgiving $10k-20k. Biden delivered on this campaign promise just a couple of months before the midterms. This is a classic example that they run their government on what is going to keep them in power. They don’t do anything for anyone until the very end; when they do, it’s just enough to hang onto their base.

Terry Sawchuk recently voted in the Governor Primaries and said, “I’ll vote every time because it’s my civic duty. I’m not so skeptical or cynical to think that it doesn’t count. I’m going to do it because the more votes that they have for the people that I want to win, the harder it is for them to potentially rig the election.”

People saw their 401ks take a hit. Does that mean we hit bottom? Or is the bottom still coming? Terry responded that “We’re still predominantly out of the market. I know that we’ve had a nice little bounce, and there are some people that are Fed-watching that think that the Fed’s going to ride in and save them by taking that ‘dovish pivot.’”

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