What We Do

Sawchuk Wealth is a Comprehensive Wealth Management firm.   We are fortunate to assist a select group of successful Families, Corporate Executives and Business Owners whose passion for life and values align with ours.  We have developed and refined a process that we call the Overwatch System that takes the guesswork out of building a solid financial foundation and allows our clients to pursue a work-optional lifestyle.

Our Overwatch System clears a path to our clients’ most important financial goals, helps anticipate and mitigate both known and unknown risks along the way, and creates the luxury of time and freedom for our clients to pursue the things that matter most to them.

There are a series of critical life events that every family will experience.  The sequence of these events is unique to each family, but the general nature of the events is consistent.  Our Overwatch system is designed to prepare you for any and all these life events, planned or otherwise, to make sure the path to your goals remains free of obstruction.   Every aspect of finance that is important to you is addressed throughout our process.  In the rare instance that a situation calls for expertise outside of our normal purview, we have a network of best in class subject matter experts that can provide that extra layer of support upon request.

At Sawchuk Wealth, we are single-minded in pursuit of the following: We do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients’ interests are placed first, that the best tools, technology and resources are leveraged on their behalf, and that they are served as if they are the only client we have.  Our philosophy has been the same since the beginning:

Build long-term relationships with top clients that are based on trust.


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